Membership Outreach

Our Membership Outreach Team works to bring new members to HRC and to show appreciation to our current members.

Each year our Membership Outreach team attends Pride festivals across Ohio. Volunteers will staff Pride booths where we sell T-shirts, hats, and tote bags at discounted prices for those who become members of HRC. The experience at the Pride booths are an amazing connection to the community - everyone wants the newest T-shirt and an HRC sticker for their car or laptop!

This year we are planning to attend the following Pride festivals:

  • Columbus Pride
  • Upper Arlington Pride
  • Reynoldsburg Pride
  • Mansfield Pride
  • Akron Pride

Additionally, we plan several membership outreach and appreciation events throughout the year, including our annual bowling night in November. Building our membership is a key aspect of HRC having the power to do the things it does!

If you are a member of HRC, we thank you for your vital support of our organization!